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Self Screening Tools

Is the way or amount I drink harming my health? Should I cut down on my drinking?

Click on the yellow banner below for a free-online screening that will only take a few minutes, and will give you personalized results based on your age, gender and drinking patterns.

free online alcohol screening


Is the way or amount I gamble “normal?” If you are concerned about your or someone else’s gambling you can take a self-screen here.



Standard Drink Sizes:

When it comes to a pour, size really does matter. If you pour more than the amounts listed below, it’s more than a drink.

Click on the image for more information.

Standard Drink Sizes

Source: National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse



Special Information for Parents –

thanks for not providing alcohol to teens

Please don’t provide alcohol to teens.It’s unsafe. It’s illegal. It’s irresponsible.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers A Parent’s Guide to Teen Parties . As a parent, you know the importance of your teen's social life and the part parties play in it. Parental responsibility is the key to a fun and safe party.

Need to report an underage drinking party?

underage drinking tipline 1-800-851-1932

You know you care…make the call.

By calling 1-800-851-1932 and providing anonymous, basic information (i.e. location of party, estimated number of young people attending, what’s being served, if adults are present, etc.) a difference can be made, tragedy diverted and lives saved. One person, one voice can make a difference and change a course of events. Because you care…make the call.



Problem Gambling Prevention –

Pivot remains part of a state-wide initiative to increase community, parental and youth knowledge on the impact of problem gambling, warning signs and where to get help.  A great resource for this initiative are the New York Council on Problem Gambling sponsored websites:  Know the Odds, Don’t Bet Yet, and YOU(th) Decide NY.

gambling can be a monster, Jefferson County youth

NYCPG sponsored websites-



Sometimes, it’s easier to understand things with some visual help. “The Path of Problem Gambling” is Know the Odds brand new interactive infographic. Click on the above link to walk through the early stages of gambling addictions, from common causes and signs to common consequences, and learn more about how to seek treatment and begin recovery.

Further information and resources in both English and Spanish are available.



Strange Odds

School aged families need to know that are children introduced to gambling in many ways in our country. Don’t Bet Yet has educational resources to help teach young kids the risk of gambling.



Youth, families, and communities working together have the ability to change attitudes and increase awareness toward the real impact of problem gambling, while minimizing access that youth have for gambling activities. YOU(th) Decide NY empowers each person to make educated decisions.



bad odds for youth gamblers


Community Resources:


Local meeting information and support helpline is available at 315-482-9445

Click Gamblers Anonymous ® for information on or to contact this international support group.

Or simply call or contact Pivot (315-788-4660) for information on or referral for problem gambling issues.



Teen Intervene

Need to take a closer look at a teen's alcohol or other drug use? Take a look at Teen Intervene, a voluntary program for 12-19 year olds in early stages of alcohol or drug involvement.


Teen Intervene is a brief, early intervention program for 12- to 19-year-olds who display the early stages of alcohol or drug involvement. Teen Intervene uses a stage by stage approach over the course of three 1-hour sessions held 10 days apart and within the school setting or at the Pivot offices.

During Session 1, a trained professional and the adolescent will discuss the adolescent's substance use and related consequences, examine the costs and benefits of the substance use, and set goals for behavior change, including goals to reduce or eliminate substance use.

In Session 2, the therapist assesses the adolescent's progress, discusses strategies for overcoming barriers, and negotiates the adolescent's continued work toward meeting goals.

Session 3 is an individual counseling session with the teenager's parent (or guardian); this session addresses parent-child communication and discipline practices, and specific ways for the parent to support the child's goals. The third session also includes a brief wrap-up conversation with the parent and adolescent.

Pivot offers Teen Intervene in the Pivot offices (315-788-4660) and in the following local school districts: Alexandria Bay, Carthage, General Brown, and Watertown.





More Information

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APIS – Alcohol Policy Information System (National Institutes of Health)

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